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Sunday, October 02, 2005

I have been privileged to receive comments on my welcome piece. I really appreciate those comments and questions raised. I will like to treat most of the questions as a further introduction about myself and my style of writing.

On who I really am....
The question of who am I can be too objective to be answered correctly. Sometimes, however in my finite understanding and knowledge, I try to define myself by what am presently doing (student) or where I lived, live or planning to live (‘African living in London). As much as all this gives a good description of me it does not really answer the question of who I really am. The reason is because all those facts tend to regularly change about me………………but who I am will not change. Ok, let’s stop all the playing around, who am I? I am an image and likeness of God the creator of the universe, born into this world few years ago into the African nation of Nigeria, (I think that will answer Jonathan’s question) blessed with an ebony skin colour, accepted God’s offer of salvation 16 years ago thereby receiving eternal life and a privileged relationship with Him through Jesus.

On my style and language.....
Before I start sharing my views and thoughts on various issues from this platform, I’ll like to tell you a bit more on my style of writing. Though my thoughts are in English language, but they are formed and shaped within the concept of my mother tongue,
Yoruba. Hence, my conversations are painted and marked with the colours of the language, its idioms, proverbs and sometimes phrases (which I try as much as possible to translate correctly, so David Routledge will understand me). By the way, we had an African day at Jubilee Church today and someone prayed in the language.
I tend to write with a bit of sarcasm larded with humour, animation (I actually write the way I talk), interactive conversations and name droppings of individual and places that I hope my readers will be familiar with ( I just hope Martin Short, Adrian and Becky will, too).

On my philosophy....
Since I became a Christian at an early age, my philosophies and concepts are sharpened by the word of God. I try as much as possible to see my views with my bible goggle on. (Most of the time the KJV version, with its ‘thous’ and ‘thees’)

Look the other way……please!
It is also good to know that my writings won’t be scored by any of my lecturers (especially the ones in the University of Lagos), so it gives me the liberty to ‘freestyle’ them. It will just be magnanimous of you to see any of my grammatical blunders as typographical errors or another form of comedy.

Lastly, I’ll like to satisfy the inquisitiveness of those who want to know what ‘brosdee’ meant (It sounds like an obscure hardware tool in a DIY store, innit?). It’s from the name Dotun. (So where does the ‘bros’ come from?), since most Nigerian Christians address each other with the prefix brother or sister, it wasn’t long before mine was ‘funkified’ to its short form, hence Brother Dotun becomes brosdee. And I think that’s better for your jaw than my multiple barrelled surname………….Olowoporoku.