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Thursday, December 20, 2007

For Iyawo and I, this will be our first christmas since we got married. Loads of expectations abi. The green christmas tree is in the lounge, and we've done our bit of christmas carbon footprint contribution by putting some christmas lights on our window, including the several trips to the shopping mall. Its Christmasy all over here, some of my neighbours have turned the streets in Bradley Stoke into another Neverland. I’m yet to understand how people think during Christmas season. People who wouldn’t put on the light in their toilet for more than 30 minutes will light up the front of their yards on Christmas. So much for global warming she. I can imagine how Tejuoso, Oshodi or Balogun Markets in Lagos will look like now. Pandemonium, shouting, rushing, pushing and hustling. A lot of buying, selling and stealing. There will be festivity in the air, people travelling and moving everywhere. Chickens and rams praying that the cup will pass over them. Food and monies changing hands. It’s been bitterly cold for sometime now. To be sincere, I don’t do cold. Today its minus 2 degrees. Haba kilode? Iyawo has made a habit of always checking my car thermometer every time she is in. To her, the colder it is, the sorrier I should be for making her to leave Nigeria. And am I sorry? Don’t know.

We were at a Christmas party yesterday, organised by Iyawo’s office. Cool. I like the idea of turning the British Commonwealth Museum into a Las Vegas Casino, with everyone feeling like, you know it……..Bond, James Bond. I lost the complimentary $100 I was given to gamble with, after which I didn’t bother to try my luck again. By the way, the money is just a piece paper, I would have pocketed rather than gamble with it. I wonder why people gamble, when you lose so much money. In the entire roulette table I visited, nobody went out a clean winner. Though it was fun, with no real money involved, I couldn’t help but think about people who do the real thing in some Vegas Casino. Losing their money and hoping to win later. The party was fun, lots of dances, I was begged to show my legendary dance moves. Some people were drunk, and some were just having a laugh.

Today may be my last day at work for this year. Hurrah! I have been asked to write two journal papers before the end of January, so it has been hectic lately. You can imagine how much I am looking forward to this holiday. May be ill spend tomorrow doing the late shopping, as Iyawo is working tomorrow and Monday. May be ill buy her gifts by then……..and the turkey.