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Monday, March 03, 2008

A friend just came back from Washington DC on Saturday, and got me the best memorabilia i have recieved this year…….Obama T-shirt. I think every citizens of the world should be able to vote or have one-quarter of a vote in US presidential elections. Since the decisions in the West Wing affects most people in the world ..'war on terror’! Anyway, I am doing my bit to help our man into the Oval office, which is why I have his picture in my office corner and ill be wearing the T-shirt tomorrow while watching the Texas and Ohio primaries.
Last week, the Federal Appeal Court in Nigeria upheld the last April general elections, against the protest of the opposition parties. Comparing this development with what happened in Kenya recently, I have been asking some questions. Were the aggrieved parties in Nigeria more civilised than their Kenya colleagues for them to go to court rather than the streets? Or is it that they are not sure anyone will yield their call to fight? Or are Nigerians suffering from ‘June 12’ fatigue (reference to the nationwide unrests and demonstrations against the annulment of the presidential election held in June 12, 1993 by the military dictator, General Babangida), which makes them unwilling to fight against any electoral abnormalities?
While I disagree with most of the things Rueben Abati said in this
piece regarding the court case, I tend to buy the idea of floating an ‘Electoral Fraud Agency’ which should be as impartial and strong as the EFCC.