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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

It has been very busy around me recently. I’ve got lots of papers to submit and assignment to do. It’s so amazing that I paid heavily to do my postgrad and now I’m crying under its heavy demand. What an irony of life.
To those of you who think I am a lazy blogger……… may be right, but I also assume you are a bit far from the truth because the gentility of a tiger is not a sign of his timidity. I’m just in a season of rigorous academic study that will prevent too much blogging.
To Dave Routledge who think my Boston Transcript is an archaic journal, I’ll say that the paper is sometimes worth more reading than watching ‘Doctor Who’ that does nothing but inform little children that the Big Ben is his place.
Let me not answer everyone today because I may not have anybody to fight with tomorrow.
Now that we’ve had an African day at Jubilee church, I hope that will improve the dance steps of Martin Short………………at least a bit