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Sunday, September 14, 2008

I haven't been checking my blog. I'm quite sure my fan base is close to nothing. Apology to those who have been checking for the last few months. Snowed under. I have been enthralled by the US election, and it's needless to say where my loyalty lies now. However, how number has been going down since the arrival of the new girl on the block. She was misunderestimated (to use dub'ya's word) and now she is eating our numbers. I was initially fretting over this, thinking this will be a repeat of 2000, that Alaska will be Obama's Florida........not comparatively, but in a way. She was sending a lot of liberals to their cardiologists until I read this. Then it makes sense to me that Karl Rove may be a genius but David Plouffe rules ok! And this is the year that the tide is turning.

Howbeit, I'm experiencing a personal paradox when I consider this election. Shouldn't I be supporting Palin, since she is a bible-believing, tongue-speaking Christian like me? Should my African affinity to Obama trump the affinity I should have to a sister in Christ? I'm sure lots of Black Evangelicals in America will be thinking the same. However, I'm not voting anyway, so it doesn't really matter to me. I still support Obama. Sister Sarah can wait.

In the next few days I will be off to Greece, first to the Island of Skiathos, for a conference, then to Athens and then I'll be putting my feet up in another island close to Athens. What a life. It's a shame that iyawo won't be coming, and I really wish she could. Meanwhile, in order to resurrect my blog, I will posting pictures of my previous holidays in France and Italy so that the Greece pictures would be in order.