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Saturday, October 15, 2005

I just got a car and I’m naming it Konkolo, which is a Yoruba word for something small. Konkolo has been serving its purpose, taking me to work, university, church and bringing me home except that he (my car is a male) has been welcomed with cynicism and deep suspicion. The suspicion can be understood considering his age (I won’t tell you his birth year, except that he has just over a decade of road experience) but the cynicism I find difficult to comprehend even though it is coming from me and some others who had seen its engine. Apart from the re-oiling needed on the engine and changes in some other things, I think he deserved better than I have been thinking of him. But you have to forgive my pessimism, I’m kind of getting used to all the terms that comes with car ownership in this country……MOT, Road Tax (this one gets me annoyed), service history, first, second, third and last person insurance, RAC (or whatever).

I hope to give Konkolo a chance and believe in his further ability to perform. I hope Konkolo will be of help in the coming winter months when I really needed it. I hope Konkolo will not take more from me than I give Transport for London. I hope so, I seriously hope so.