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Thursday, August 31, 2006

I saw the provocative drama ‘Shoot the messenger’ on BBC yesterday.
Missed part of it
I was at the closest place I have ever been near Portugal
My favourite place when eating out……..Nandos

I suspended my TV strike to watch the drama.
Stopped watching TV for the past few weeks
Since Hezbollah-Israeli war
I’m really appalled by the British media coverage of the war
Can’t stand it.
They are annexes of Al-Jazeera, in my opinion
My opinion is even mild
Someone told me the war was between the Israeli and the British media
Can’t disbelieve that………if all they did in Beirut during the war is anything to go by
Anyway that’s not the purpose of this post
Ill blog about the war later………

Sharon Foster’s ‘Shoot the messenger’ was a good political and social satire
I am sure some members of the Black community that saw the film will feel like shooting her
I don’t.
I quite agree with her.
Although I must confess I felt a bit awkward about some of its portrayal
And the way she said it
But they are quite true

Until a Black man decides to forget about the pain of slavery and colonisation
His emancipation will always become illusory
We are a product of our history, but we should not be imprisoned by it

One of the arguments in the drama piece
Is about how slavery has distorted the Black man’s destiny
The questions that keeps ringing in my mind is this……..
Were all black people enslaved?
What about the ones that weren’t caught by the ‘evil’ slave traders?
What have their government have to show for their ‘luck’ and ‘freedom’?
You guess is as bad (sorry good) as mine
Corruption, poverty, military dictatorship and oppression of the people

I heard someone saying…….
That is a product of colonialism……….another White man’s evil invention.
I beg to disagree
Weren’t India, Philippines, Indonesia, Canada and even America colonised?
Are they displaying political and economical idiosyncrasies which defy reasonable definition like we see in Sub-Sahara Africa?
Liberia became an independent state in the 19th century
What have they got to show for it?
So who are we kidding?

Let’s stop the blame game
Just like Sharon Foster
I don’t have the answer to ‘the trouble with the black people’
But I know how I deal with mine
I do not define myself only by the colour of my skin
I’m proud of it, but that is not all about me

I do not allow my historical, cultural or geographical limitation determine my destiny
If God creates us all in different colours (because there are no white people, everybody is coloured)
There is a purpose for it……….
Beauty in diversity………abi!
I fight every form of ‘we-they’ mentality.