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Sunday, August 13, 2006

'Again, you’ve absconded with from this blog'
'I’m sorry I didn’t mean to'
'When will you be serious with this blog?'
'Am I not?'
'Not with your 'on and off' attitude'
'I have been very busy recently with lots of things'
'I think that is one of the purposes of blogging……to talk about your busy life'
'Well may be I need some lessons on what blogging is about.'
'Well, I think so'
'But not from you'
'You don’t have a blog, do you?'
'I don’t have a blog because I chose not to be a runaway blogger like you'
'Then you are not the right person to lecture me about blogging'
'I need to because some of us read your boring blog'
'Thanks! I take that as a compliment'

'Learnt you are going to Bristol in October'
'Yes…. I got a research position there for the next 3 years'
'I hope you won’t leave your blog for the next 3 years'
'I don’t think I will'
'So you are researching for three years, wont that be boring?'
'It may but I’ll blog about it'
'So what are you researching on?'

'I’ll blog about that later……………'