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Friday, February 24, 2006

Last Sunday, I had the opportunity of preaching in my former church, New Cross Christian Centre, South London. This came at a time I was thinking I won’t be able to attend a church within the seven weeks of my work experience research which happens to be on Saturdays and Sundays. The guys that schedule the research for those days must be fans of Dan Brown. They’ve got no regard for those of us that goes to church.

However it didn’t prevent me from talking about faith in New Cross. It was two weeks after I had the rare honour of preaching in my church, Jubilee Church where I also talked about faith.
You may be thinking I’m a good preacher, far from it. I think such accolades should be for
Tope (my pastor) or Adrian. I was just privilege to be able to speak in two different churches within a month. I also think God is speaking something to me on faith. This week, I had my faith and all I have preached about it tested when I faced a particular situation that requires me to exercise faith or fear. I choose faith. And it worked.

Every time I speak God’s word to people, the word speaks back to me too. The word encourages me to live by the standard I’m urging people to live on. The challenge is always there for me to do it. I hope to, always.