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Monday, September 15, 2008

The democrat's opposition researchers are earning their wages. Is this the beginning of dim light on Sarah Palin, or do we expect her to shine more for few weeks? By far, this is the most interesting American election I have ever followed (not that I have followed much, apart from Gore-Bush). However, for Sarah Palin, these are nest of times. Either way (whether McCain loses or win), she wins. She has been shot into the national limelight and will always be the republican darling girl in 2012 if McCain loses now. Then she can campaign on 'change', and paint President Obama as 'more of the same'. However, if McCain wins, Vice President Palin, will be more than experienced to be the number 1 in 2012 or 2016. I agree with this guy on what team Obama needs to do, in order to turn the tide. And the electoral map is not looking bad either.

Back here, the lipstick has worn off for PM Brown, and some of his hair dressers are calling for a challenge. It's rather interesting to see that the majority of the 'back benchers' calling for the leadership challenge in the labour party are women. While I personally think that there are more than meets the eye on this i.e. there are some male 'frontbenchers' kicking the ball, we cannot deny that this is what some people have termed stiletto revolution. Maybe the next decade is for the women. Maybe our children won't see women leadership in the world's top countries as a strange thing. Maybe the future G8 summits will have leaders (mothers) carrying toddlers around, there will be sufficient breaks to allow madam presidents and prime ministers feed their babies. I wonder the implication of that. But it will be interesting to see.