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Monday, October 31, 2005

The last time I wrote about how busy I am, I never knew that is a child’s play to the busy days I have now, and from the look of things it wont get better until Christmas. I need help from my tutors. Last week, I was in Exmoor National Park for six days on a field trip with 15 other mates in my programme and 2 lecturers. The trip was intensive but fun. I was miles away from civilisation; we were staying in 'Abule' (Rural Village), there was no mobile phone network, internet or TV. The electricity we were using was from the wind farm…….from my window I could only see sheep on the open moor. From the farm cottage we were lodging you will have to drive more than 10 minutes to see another building or light. It reminds me of my mother’s village in Oke-Ogun.

The local people are mostly farmers, they are simple and unassuming……….. I had the privilege of forgetting my bag on the chair in the pub, a luxury I cannot imagine in London.
I walked on the moor, looked at the untouched woodland, relaxed on the rocky Exmoor shore of the Atlantic ocean, with a feeling that a part of the ocean stretched to my Lagos too, visited the 12th century old castle at Dunster village, and enjoyed the company of my classmate while knowing them better.

However, my major headache is that I have to write an extensive (not descriptive, but analytical) report of the trip……..and that is a major part of my assessment for the module.
So those of you who think I’m a bad blogger……….. I won’t say you are wrong, except that it might be good if you can see the ‘trouble’ called education I’m putting myself in, and it is worse to know that I’m paying for it.

Martin Short thought I wasn’t fair when I said he can’t dance, I’ll humbly challenge him to a dancing competition against me with David Routledge as the judge.
To answer Seun’s question about the expenses of my car…………. I can’t really say if Konkolo is taking more than Transport for London used to take, all I know is that he has been an understanding friend.

I hope to write another blog before Christmas………………if coursework allows.
Just a quick question to Pigwotflies……………….are u going to Cambridge with your car?And on Adrian's matchmaking...............I'll comment on that later.