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Monday, February 13, 2006

Yesterday while working on the weekend project I undertake in South London, I was really pressed and desperately in need of a rest room. There was no public toilet around Bermondsey station. I decided to walk to London Bridge with the hope of seeing one along the way or using the one belonging to any eatery I can find on the high road. When I sighted a pub just along the road I entered hoping to buy a glass of orange and a chance to use the gents. Just as I was about to open the door the bar man politely told me the pub isn’t opened till 12:30. My hope was dashed.

As I was about leaving the pub, then I saw it. I felt like Christopher Columbus. It was just beside the pub. I knew the church will be opened on Sunday, ofcourse, and they won’t turn me away for being late either. So I entered the church, listened to the sermon, it was a short one (and I still remember it), sang some hymn and took the excuse. Isn’t that another reason to go to church?