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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Yesterday I had a tea room argument with a colleague at work. It didn’t last for long. Tea time. But it made a long impression on me. The squabble was about placing price on people’s conviction and believes. My colleague was of the opinion that anyone can compromise his belief or stand, if the right monetary price is offered. I was of the contrary opinion. I believe not everything can be quantified in monetary terms.

Some convictions are still bigger than any money offer.

If I was asked how much I can be offered to give up my education. I will say none. If financial gain is the only reason I came to study in London, I will be nothing short of being a fool. Because I don’t need a degree (worst still a second one) to be a millionaire. If my goal in life is to be another Bill Gate, I don’t need to be studying all night, writing coursework, researching and writing dissertation. I had the option of acquiring money or pursuing my dream………..I opted for the latter. At the end of the day, fulfilling my vision will not only pay me monetarily but will give me the inner satisfaction that money cannot give. I want to say to my grandchildren that when destiny called, I was man enough to stand up to it.

My colleague asked me yesterday whether I’ll leave my studies if I suddenly posses £100,000 in my account. I said no.


I happen to I hold some values higher than money. The first of them is my relationship with God, and I believe it is His plan for me to be where I am presently. The second is the relationship with my loved ones. The other is the satisfaction and fulfilment that comes in serving God and being involved in this end time revival. I hold this dearly than a million pounds.
There is a price for my pair of glasses but I don’t have a price for my vision. I do not doubt the fact that there are people who can sell their mothers grave for dollars. I know the love of money, the influence, the comfort and the security it provides has driven many men to indescribable actions. But to say that everyone can be bought with a pen and a cheque is to say the earth is flat. I beg to disagree.

In the history of humanity, great revolutions have occurred not because of the want of money or lack of it, but because some men sought answers to a deep-seated question in their soul. They sought for fulfilment. I do not think Bill Gate was seeking to be in Forbes number one list of the world richest man when he started Microsoft.

I believe in prosperity, but living my life just for the sake of increasing the digits in my bank statement is not the kind of bread I’ll like to eat.