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Monday, February 13, 2006

I never knew how deeply I am involved with my car konkolo until I changed him for a younger friend. He has been a good friend of mine since I bought him late last year, but recently I started noticing some ‘unfriendly’ sound in its engine, since I’m a student with low income, we both decided that it is better for us to part before things starts getting worse. So, over this weekend I drove Konkolo to its new owner.

God actually gave me favour in getting my new car which I have decided to name Ritha, because it is a red Nissan Micra. I have always wanted a Japanese car, because unlike the British they consider your pocket while designing their cars.

Ritha and I are still sizing each other up; we are trying to get familiar with each other. I have a feeling that Rita is still suspicious of me, I can’t blame her, it takes some time to get used to a new owner who happens to be a student after leaving a comfortable family she has known for years. I’m still trying to get used to Rita too especially her gear system. But I will soon. Though, Ritha is younger, ‘sleekier’ and better than Konkolo in different ways yet it will take me sometime to forget my old mate.