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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Im in Bristol already
Ive really met very interesting people here already
everyone seems to be very nice

The guys I'm working with in my office
really dissapoints my expectations of them
Because they are 'PhD' researchers........
I really thought they will be a bunch of boring intellectual snubs.
They turned out to be guys you really want to hang around with
May be I have a cultural problem here

Where I came from......
PhDs are intellectual giants (sometimes crazy people)
that you cannot approach lightly,
they must be respected (if not worshipped) for spending 6+ years
of their life getting the degree.

But the guys I'm working with are rather different...
they are just as normal as the guy next door.
We call eachother by the first name.........(forget the Dr. Who stuff)
I like that.........
and it gives me a bit of comfort, that at the end of my three years here
I won't be as crazy as I thought I would be.
I will still be my normal blogging Naija boy.
And people do not have to bother about making me look boring by
putting unnecessary appellation before my name.

By the way Bristol is a village compared to where I'm coming from
Too action
Maybe not yet!