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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

If you are a Nigerian living in the UK, you will identify with this situation. You bought an international calling card with a PIN number. After dialling the access number and the PIN number, you were allocated a talk time, based on the amount on the card you bought. And after some moments of talking, a voice tells you that you have three minutes of talk time. You looked at your watch and find out that you haven’t spend up to half of the time you bought. And after less than 30 seconds the line is off, telling you have no more credit to call. You wonder what kind of time scale their system is based on.

Is this some kind of 419 or what? I don’t understand. I have tried several brands of the cards, and all of them seem to be the same. The only difference lies in how deeply inefficient they are. Some of them would even take ages to dial the number you are trying to reach out to.

Are these cards companies not regulated by OFCOM?