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Friday, November 10, 2006

I can’t deny the fact that I love the democrats, for reasons I can’t explain. If I’m a US citizen, I’ll vote for them. Maybe it has a lot to do with Bill Clinton, I don’t know. Anyway, I was happy after we won both House this week. Did I say we? I mean when they won. Yea I know the reason why I loved the democrats. President Jed Bartlet is a democrat. To the uninitiated, President Bartlet is the American President in the political TV drama, West Wing, which happens to be my favourite TV drama. Bartlet is the best American president that will never be, and he is a democrat, so I love the democrat. I am a democrat, and we’ve won. And not only that, we are producing the first woman Speaker of the House, and who knows, we might produce the first Madam President and Commander-in-Chief.

I don’t know how the next two years will be for George Bush, I really don’t know. But I wish the democrats wouldn’t take irrational decisions on Iraq that may jeopardise their chances in 2008. Iraq needs a ‘new perspective’ but not a reactionary one, which will leave the state in the hands of the insurgent. That will definitely defeat the goals of going to the war, and will not help the interest of those calling for the troop’s pullout either.

Why I am even musing on Iraq? I should be talking about my local MP in South Bristol, who happens to be a LibDem. I can swing from Labour to Tory (mainly because of the fine boy Cameron) and then back to Labour, but never to LibDem. So you can understand my plight of having a libdem as my member of parliament. I think I should I write him to tell him my feelings.

Why am I even talking about my British MP, I should be talking about Nigeria. I should be musing about plane crash which is almost forgotten until another one occurs. The Anambra state political coup and the usual money laundering scandals of Andy Uba. However, amidst all this, there is good news. One of the present serving governors, acclaimed to be one of the best, is taking his presidential campaign to a new level. Like David Cameron, he is appealing to the internet generation. He started a blog. Isn’t that a good trend in Nigeria where the politicians are far from the electorates, separated from them by an army of yes-mens and sycophants. Donald Duke’s blog is a silver lining in a dark cloud. However, I need to say this, was he proud, shy or lazy to write his own profile that he had to reference wikipedia to tell us who he is? I think one of the reasons for blogging is to bridge the gap of the conventional media in expressing yourself to the public.

I have a friend in London, who believed so much in Duke’s candidacy that he opened a website on his behalf. The cynic in me is beginning to think someone is doing this blog for him too. Whichever, I think it is still a good step in the right direction. The 2007 election in Nigeria will surely be a close run between the good, the bad and the ugly. I really hope the best guy wins. It may be Duke, who knows?