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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Blogging like Adrian would be a 'mountainous' dream for me, the man virtually lives on the internet. I had the priviledge of sharing a meal with his family few days before the New year day. I siezed the moment to ask his wife about coping with his consistent blogging............her reply was as sweet as she looks..........'everybody has an hobby, some spend time watching tv, Adrian's hobby is blogging'.
That was very cool to me...........
I have been missing in action for some weeks or months or so...........I can't just juggle blogging with coursework at Middlesex University. It was very hectic for me few weeks prior to Christmas. And I moved.
Anyway I hope everyone had a lovely holiday.
It was a bit sad to hear of plane crash in Nigeria few weeks before christmas............and I lost a couple of distant friends there. It was so bad. Apart from that, last Christmas was pure fun.
I spent the whole day in my new home, with Mike and Daphne was a very English Christmas for me.
Anyway, Im back now...........hope it will last before the University catches up with me agian.