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Friday, January 06, 2006

One of the disadvantages of living in London is that you have too many choices whenever you want to buy anything. I can't count how many hours I usually waste at shopping malls in making up my mind over little things like a CD.
It's just ridiculous today having to waste litres of fuel while driving from Enfield to Edmonton just because I couldn't make up mind over a mobile phone. And when I finally did........guess what? my choice isn't available in the store. How dare they do that to me?
I wonder how much time and resources people waste over different choices that stares at them daily. It's so good to know that there ain't that much choices about salvation, as some would have us believe. There is only one choice and it is through the crucified One, Jesus Christ. If there are so many choices to God, some of us will spend all our lifetime trying to decide the cheapest, safest, easiest and well-guaranteed way to heaven. But the good news, even if there are other choices (which isn't), the way of the Cross will still be the best's the best deal anyone can sign. Why? Because someone else paid the price of the deal, all we just have to do is be part of the contract.
I think I'm coming back.